Recap time :)

First real week of work check! I’m so happy to be working and be back on a normal schedule, but it was so so so nice to have the weekend!

I had a fun weekend planned with a friend’s birthday and SEEING JASON ALDEAN AND THOMAS RHETT!! Can you tell I was/still am super duper excited?! I couldn’t wait…it was my second time seeing them in concert and with my college roommate again, which is always super fun 🙂

Anyways, I started my week out going to bed super early every night so I could get to the gym at 4:45…I’m crazy I know, but I love running too much 😛

I also attempted to lift weights, which isn’t like me at all, but I feel like it’s something that I need to do more of to stay in good running/uninjured shape. Every day was pretty much the same which is exactly the way that I like it, waking up early, going to bed early and then being productive at work is perfect 🙂

Throughout the week I did some fun things like happy hours and dinners with friends, but mostly it was raining and disgusting outside, so I just came home after work!

I ate lots of food too, which is mostly what I have pictures of 😛 It was nice to be in a routine of making my own breakfast. Hotel breakfast is great and all but something about hotel eggs freaks me out…they’re never a normal consistency you know? or maybe not, I could be the only crazy person out there who thinks hotel eggs are odd 😛


Most days I had eggs and cereal with the occasional oatmeal thrown in. Super gross side note about the toaster though…my roommate brought it from home and didn’t clean it I guess because it was setting off the smoke alarm. I was bound and determined to find out what was making the thing burn and smoke so I investigated on Saturday morning…wanna guess what I found?

Yeah it wasn’t just some loose crumbs hanging out. IT WAS A DEAD STINK BUG!!!

I’ll just let the nasty sink in for a minute…

Okay. Now that that’s covered, I cleaned it out obviously, but I won’t be making toast for quite some time because yuck 😛

Back to what I did during the week! I finally got into a bit more of routine which included sweatpants and blogging or watching TV. You know how the first week of work back/doing anything you haven’t done in a while makes you tired even if it’s really not all that taxing? That was how I felt for most of Monday and Tuesday last week.

I wanted to come home, change into sweatpants, and heat up dinner, so that is exactly what I did 🙂

Is being an adult reading the Trader Joe’s flyer at dinner? I think yes 😛



I also got to spend some quality time catching up with friends on the phone, which is something I haven’t done in a while, but it makes my heart happy 🙂

Also since it’s now officially fall, I find it socially acceptable to drink pumpkin spice lattes and eat all the pumpkin things…I had my first pumpkin spice latte on friday…it was so yummy!


Come the weekend, which I was beyond stoked about, I had a few plans which I mentioned before. My friend’s boyfriend planned for a bunch of us to go on a birthday booze cruise out of Georgetown!

It was a blast and we had a great time dancing and taking pictures on the freezing rooftop (it was raining) 😛

Saturday morning I attempted to sleep in…I made it till about 7:30, which is a huge huge huge accomplishment and that is when I discovered the stink bug 😛

Other than that it was super relaxing. We finally got a TV so I got that all set up and ready to go and then went to my bed to hang out with my heated blanket and some coffee. It was still raining on Saturday, so it felt nice to get all cozy!


Then I packed up a duffel bag real quick and got ready to go to the concert. It was out at Jiffy Lube Live in Bristow which is out by my parent’s house, so I planned to stay at their house afterwards.

Best. Decision. Ever. I was so exhausted by the end of the concert. It was so much fun and I danced sooooooo much, but the week finally caught up with me I think 😛

The concert though…AMAZING! Thousand Horses, Thomas Rhett and Jason Aldean?! I mean, come on, it doesn’t get much better than that combination! I have to say that I think Thomas Rhett stole the show.

Jason Aldean is fantastic obviously, but Thomas Rhett killed it out there! I don’t think I stopped dancing once during his entire set! I got some really crappy photos of the whole show, but really it was one of those times where you take a photo or two and then just sit back and enjoy 🙂

Sunday I spent the whole day with my parents. Oh and cleaning my boots…You know how I said it was rainy all week…yup it really messed up the lawn. I’ll be forever thankful for the lady who grabbed my arm when I was leaving to prevent me from falling 🙂

Here’s the muddy nasty aftermath.

I went grocery shopping with my mom and then we all just hung out and caught up on life all day long, which was great. It had been a couple of weeks since I’d seen them and I missed them a lot…and my dog 😛

Reese quite literally fell over when she realized I was home on Sunday morning. It was the cutest thing ever!

It was a great weekend all in all! I can’t wait for many more like it soon 🙂

Also I’m not really into politics or anything, but the Harry Potter fan in me literally could not resist…

funny  (2).PNG

I can’t help myself…it’s still cracking me up 😛

Anyone else at a concert (or even the Jason Aldean one) this weekend?

What’s your favorite season? I happen to live and die for Christmas time (only 11 more mondays!!) but fall is nice too 😛




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