Finally moved in :) 

I’m finally all moved into my new apartment! My mom and I spent all summer working in the stuff for my place and we brought all of the last bits over on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend 🙂 

I’m so excited to live there…well I have stayed there, but on,y for a few days because the first few weeks of work are busy with training and traveling, but that’s okay! the most important thing is that I love it and my bed is comfy 😛 

Here’s a quick tour of the place in photos, minus my roommates room…and the kitchen 🙂 

The photos and things are now hanging on my wall but here’s how they were laid out. 

I love love love the beach, so I wanted my house to feel beachy when I walked in. I decided on a color palate of blues, greys, white and pops of coral. My mom refinished furniture as part of her business, so she was a huge huge huge help 🙂 

The couch is really the only thing I spent money on…that and my bed totaled $650 plus some cans of paint for the furniture. My mom had a lot of the stuff already but we think we spent about $1000 finishing the whole thing. 

Believe it or not, most of the furniture was on the curb going to be thrown away…all it needed was a little TLC 🙂 

One of my favorite finds was the beachy fun fabric that we found for the ottoman. It goes perfectly with the couch 🙂 

The bar and end tables were a lot of fun to paint as well! The bar is actually a converted European TV stand that we added a shelf too (and painted :P). 

I’m just so in love with everything! Our apartment is so bright and homey now 🙂 

Furnishing my apartment was probably the most time consuming thing ever, but it was so worth it! Plus I got to spend a lot of time with my mom which I loved 🙂 I’m so happy that everything is in the apartment and I can finally settle in and start learning all about my new city…it was a great summer but I’m definitely ready to start working! 
—————————————————————————————————–have you ever refinished any furniture? 
Have you moved recently? 


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