Weekend Recap

This weekend was so much fun! Not to mention it was Father’s Day and we had a great time celebrating my wonderful dad 🙂

Saturday started out with coffee with one of my best friends. We’ve know each other since first grade and have gone to school together forever. We even went to JMU together and lived together there for a while! That was the best…we’re hoping to do that again in a few years, but I digress 😛

We hit up my favorite (and possibly one of the only) coffee shops and bakeries in Centreville called Jireh Cafe. It’s so cute, they make the most amazing pastries and the most intricate cakes I have ever seen. And as my friend likes to point out, they make their banana bread shaped like bananas!

jireh bakery latte

I had an iced cafe latte with almond milk and a cheesy turtle pastry. The pastry was filled with some kind of cream cheese filling, which might sound a little strange, but it is easily one of my favorites! They put out samples of many of the pastries they sell day to day though, so if you ever stop by, you can test everything out so that you can choose your favorite 🙂

The coffee is also the best! I usually just get a black coffee, but it was pretty hot on Saturday so I decided to try something new and they did not disappoint! I like any of my coffee drinks more on the bitter than the sweet side and this was perfect!

Sunday was Father’s Day, so my mom, brother and I set out to make a special breakfast for my dad. He loves bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, so we decided to make those. My mom had seen a recipe in the Washington Post for homemade bagels.

They were easily some of the most incredible bagels I have ever had! The inside was soft and chewy, while the outside was nice and crusty…the paper attributes it to the process of boiling and then baking them, and I can attest that that is definitely the case! The only substitution we made was honey for Barley Malt Syrup because we couldn’t find it in the store.

These are the bagels just after boiling.

boiled bagels

The bagels just after baking. They’re the perfect golden brown!

baked bagels1

The finished product.

bacon egg and cheese

Breakfast was a major hit! Afterwards, I took my dad with me to test drive Jeeps…he loves the car and is pretty excited that I want to get one as my first car. I had never  driven a Wrangler before, but I have to say I love it. I know a lot of people would disagree, but I thought the ride was pretty great! Obviously a little bumpier than most cars on the road today, but I really enjoyed it  and so did my dad. He said he would have no problem driving my car around if I ever have to go out of town on business 😛

We had a steak dinner with a big salad and baked potatoes for our special dinner, but the hit was dessert for sure! My mom made a blueberry semifreddo that was in the latest copy of Southern Living Magazine. It was absolutely delicious!

southern living blueberry semifreddo

I hope everyone had a great weekend and Happy Father’s Day like we did 🙂


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