On the bright side 

We all mess up right? Today my mess up was of epic proportions in the cleaning department…I’ll start from the beginning. My dog, Reese, was being extra weird today. She’s getting older, so it’s to be expected I suppose. Today she was having what we like to call a senior moment. She was sitting outside for hours just hanging out in our front yard, with may not sound all that strange, but she has never EVER been an outside dog…we call her cat dog…she likes to be inside, she’s afraid of most things and most of the time we can’t get her to walk further than the end of our driveway. 

Anyways, she’d been sitting outside for forever and we usually feed her around 5, so about an hour or so later, I went outside to bring her on for dinner. Reese is also the most spoiled pooch on the planet, so every night we pour chicken or beef broth over her dry food. I was going into the fridge to grab the beef broth from our brisket the other night when BAM! My hand slipped on the container and it fell to the ground…and proceeded to splatter everywhere. I’m talking all over the kitchen the fridge, the carpet in the dining room, even on Reese herself. 

It was an enormous mess…one that I am probably going to hear about for days, especially since it involves the dining room carpet. The dining room is a room that we use only on special occasions..aka Christmas and occasionally a lunch or dinner party, but nothing and I mean nothing, has spilled on the white carpet. It’s not pristine, it has the normal wear and tear provided by a crazy dog who likes to run laps like our house is a race track when friends come over, but it’s easily the nicest carpet in our whole house. And I messed it up with none other than a ketchup-based barbecue meat broth. 

So today I learned something new…three new things really. 

1.Hold tight to the metal bowls in the fridge 😛 

2. Never have carpet anywhere near the fridge of you can help it! 

3. How to get ketchup out of a carpet (for the most part…I’m still working on it) 

I googled how to remove ketchup and there seemed to be one way that worked for everyone. That method was a 1/2 teaspoon of dishsoap combined with one cup of cold water, followed by a cold water rinse, which is then followed by 1/2 cup hydrogen peroxide combined with 1 teaspoon of ammonia. After the cold water rinse you wait a couple of hours before applying the hydrogen peroxide mixture and after each step you blot, or let weighted down towels soak up the moisture for a while before moving to the next step. After all of these steps, you apply distilled vinegar to the stain and the spot should be gone. 

Since I’m only at the cold water rinse step, I’ll have to let you know how the next part goes…never on my life did I think I’d ever know this much information about stain removal, but I guess it’s useful? Anyways, I hope this new to me knowledge can help anyone else in the future 🙂 

****UPDATE: my mom was afraid the hydrogen peroxide mixture would fade the carpet so we skipped those last couple of steps and stuck with the soap and water and the stains are mostly gone! I’ll be hitting it with the steam cleaner later and they’ll be gone for good 🙂

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