Local Summer Nights

I’ve been working my whole life…well not my whole life but basically since I was able to work, officially at 14 and before that at 11 or 12 as a mother’s helper and babysitter. If I wasn’t working, I was swimming and at 14 I began swimming and working…it was just what was expected and I loved it. But this summer, I’m not working and with that I realized that there’s a ton of time to fill! It’s so exciting what you can do when you’re not tired all the time from being busy all day and commuting! So seeing as I have all this free time, I decided I needed to find fun activities to do around town…most of my fun activities consist of going to the gym and reading but every once in a blue moon it’s something like hiking or in the case of this weekend a fair. I haven’t been to a fair in what feels like forever…though it probably has been at least a decade (which what the heck…a decade ago I was almost 12. I can’t believe that 😛 ).

My boyfriend and I decided to go to Celebrate Fairfax, which is a fair I went to as a small child, but haven’t been too in recent history. I was so excited about it because I read that they had fireworks! I love fireworks so so so so sooooo much…I’m a little kid when it comes to fireworks for sure 😛 They’re so beautiful no matter what…though I am extremely terrified of setting them off. I mean imagine setting off some of the big ones and something bad happening like them falling over or not going off at the right time and then when you go to check on them to see what’s wrong, it going off then as you’re standing over it?! so scary! So basically I’ll never light them 😛

The fair was a great time! We were supposed to get there when it started around 6pm, but my boyfriend had an unfortunate incident while he was driving to my house…he drove over a metal stake and popped his tire. He’s fine and so is the car, but I know he’s bummed about having to buy a new one before he wanted too! We ended up getting to the fair around 7:30ish, which ended up being a pretty good time. The fair takes place by the Fairfax County Government Center, so you can’t park there, but they provided shuttles from the mall. The shuttles were great and ran about every 10 minutes so we found one no problem! The fair had your typical overpriced fair food and rides as well. It was fun to look at all the rides and see what they were, but since most of them were what I like to call spin-y rides, I stayed away. They did have the crazy mouse ride which I’m now coming to believe is a stable at any fair/amusement park/festival. I remember them having one at the last fair I was at a long long time ago in Minnesota and they have one (I think?) at Kings Dominion…it is a ride that I always rode as a child even though I hated it. So I broke the trend and didn’t ride it…mostly because the tickets were expensive, but that is besides the point! 😛

The Plain White T’s were also playing on friday night so that was fun! I really only know one of their songs, but since I recognized the name, I got excited. They’re pretty decent live, though I wasn’t a fan of all the cursing they did…I know I sound like a grouchy old person (I’m not..I promise I’m a young 21 year old haha) but I think it makes you sound so unintelligent and there were little kids all over the place. It just wasn’t appropriate for the audience.

The fair overall was so much fun and they had plenty of deals for families on Groupon which I thought was pretty great! I obviously didn’t use any of those, but I bought my tickets early and saved a few bucks doing so. In total the night cost us $30.50 for the two tickets and an ice cream cone…not too bad for some entertaining people watching, a concert and some wonderful fireworks! It’s something I definitely wish I had taken advantage of when I was in high school. We got home late, around midnight I think? and since I’m a grandma I was exhausted.


I felt a little like this cutie…I just wanted blankets and bed 🙂


I hope there’s a fun something or other going wherever you are this weekend!! Have a great one! 🙂


When’s the last time you went to a fair? And do you know the crazy mouse ride I’m talking about?! Someone has to know!




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