Weekly Favorites 

  1. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Jeep Wranglers (well I shouldn’t say lately…its just as of late that I’ve considered buying what I believe to be my dream car…yellow, two door, hard top, Rubicon). I know I’m going to have to buy a car in a year or two when my Avalon inevitably dies after driving a bunch every day, so I’ve been reading articles like this one about the different models and things to consider 🙂
  2. I’ve also been loving learning how to style my newly cut short hair and many articles have been read…I obviously have a lot of free time haha. This has some cute ideas that I’ve tried out!
  3. Buzzfeed is great at coming up with their listicles and I loved one that I saw about Washington D.C. Considering I’ll be living right across the river in a few months, it was really interesting to learn which things Buzzfeed believes are fun to do there. Most of them were things I hadn’t heard of so I’m looking forward to trying them out!
  4. I’ve also been loving books by Jennifer Peel’s The Women of Merryton if you’re into easy summer reads; Helen Bryan’s War Brides if you love historical fiction(like me!); and Brook St. James’ Hunt Family Series for fun short beach romance books 🙂 Also if you have any suggestions on things to read I would absolutely love love love them! I go through books at an alarming rate…I’ve been home from school for just over a month and I believe I’ve read anywhere between 15 and 20 books? maybe more? so I’m always looking for new book suggestions if you have any!



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