Sometimes We Hike 

Holy cow it’s been a while since I’ve written anything! There’s so much to catch up on…first of all I did a thing. A pretty big thing I guess, but I graduated from college!! Woo no more school for at least a few years till I get my masters 😀 but really though, such a cool feeling…I still don’t quite believe it’s real (it’s been about a month), but I really should since I’ve been apartment shopping and researching how to be an adult starting in September when I start my first real person job 🙂 I’m honestly so excited and can’t wait to see what the future holds! 

Since my rainy graduation about a month ago, I’ve just been relaxing, taking lots of yoga and barre classes (love them…if anyone lives in the Chantilly, VA area, I highly recommend the classes at the nzone. It’s the best :)) and planning a few outings and vacations with family and friends. 

Most recently I somehow convinced, along with my roommate, a few of our friends to go hiking. We ventured out to Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia and spent most of the day hiking. We took the Maryland Trail, which is 7.5 miles, that we thought was 3.5, but it was fine…at one point of very steep uphill climbing that seemed to go on forever I was convinced a friend of mine would never trust us again because we had convinced him to come by saying a hike was just a walk with some rocks, but he lived and said he may even come with us again! The views were outstanding at the overlook…you could see the little town below us, the two rivers and it felt like you could see for miles. That’s what makes hiking fun for me…well I also love any form of physical activity and being outside, but the views are always always always worth it and very photo-worthy! I adored the whole thing! 

Once we made it most of the way back down the mountain, it started pouring down rain so needless to say we were soaked through, but it was pretty refreshing. It was a humid day and I don’t mind getting a lot little wet 😛 We ended up eating a late lunch at Cannonball Deli. I had the philly steak pizza with no mushrooms and it was delicious…I could have just been starving, but I’m pretty sure it was just really good 🙂 We hung out there eating and drying off until the sun came back out and walked down the road to Scoops for some homemade ice cream. I had cookie dough, which is my favorite and let’s just say they didn’t disappoint! The ice cream was smooth, creamy, and filled with cookie dough chunks, which as any cookie dough ice cream lover will tell you is the best part and can be hard to come by with some places/brands! After enjoying our ice cream we caught the shuttle back to the visitor center to start our drive home…it was a fantastic day! I’m so glad my friends could be convinced to go out to West Virginia and explore for the day! Hopefully we’ll get some more adventures like this one throughout the summer 🙂 

Any recommendations for good hikes in and around Virginia and the surrounding area? We’re thinking old rag next, but I would love some suggestions! 


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