Battle of the Dry Shampoos

dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo is something that has always been of interest to me, but I never really tried it until last year. I find it appealing to not have to wash my hair every single day since it takes so long to dry and I really dislike using my blow drier.

The first dry shampoo I tried was one by TREsemme…It was called fresh start, but I found that it made my hair greasier looking and sticky. Needless to say I was not a fan since I was going for a clean hair look, not a I-haven’t-showered-in-days look haha. It may work for some hair types, however my hair is on the thicker side as well as the oilier side, so it was a no go for me.

The next one I tried was Not Your Mother’s Dry Shampoo. It’s easily the best bang for your buck. It costs just under $5.00 and you get 7 ounces. It’s the cheapest option I’ve found and the largest amount. You really can’t beat that! It works really well too…you just spray a little bit into your hair and then fluff it up a bit and all the white residue is gone. It might not work as well on super dark hair, but I think you could definitely brush out most of the left over powder.

My other favorite is Batiste..I love love love the coconut scented one. It’s got a fantastic smell and it works wonders on my hair. it’s about $6.00 for 6.7 ounces. Based on the way it works and the smell I can see why so many people have raved about this dry shampoo…It’s the only one I’ve tried where after spraying it in, I wasn’t able to tell that there was anything in my hair. With the others, my hair looked clean, but I was able to feel the product in my hair and as my roommate would say, when your hair feels dirty, all of you feels dirty, so that’s kind of how I felt with the others. Batiste also has many different scents and types. Some of theirs are to create volume, some are for smooth and shiny hair, and others are tinted so that you don’t get the white residue that is a tell-tale sign of too much dry shampoo ๐Ÿ˜› I would highly recommend Batiste for anyone who is looking for a relatively inexpensive and fantastically functioning dry shampoo!

Another one that I tried, but so far don’t love is Dove’s Dry Shampoo. I had heard good things about it and knew that I could pick it up at Target, so I thought I would give it a go, however so far, I’m disappointed. It leaves my hair looking super clean which I love, but it feels more like a hairspray than any of the other dry shampoos that I’ve tried, so when I’ve gone to style my hair, it’s harder to work with. The smell is slightly overpowering as well, which is hard for me to deal with, but I have to say it gives my hair some great volume! My hair is generally lacking in that department so that was a nice bonus.

Just to sum it up, if I had to recommend one shampoo that you go out and try right now, it would be Batiste 200%!


Have you guys tried any outstanding dry shampoos?



3 thoughts on “Battle of the Dry Shampoos

  1. I was not a fan of the Dove Dry Shampoo at all. I was able to review it through ChickAdvisor. The smell really bothered me it was too strong for my liking. I also did not like the way it felt on my hair. Hoping to get to try Batiste soon.


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