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I’ve been looking for some new BB creams and primers recently to combat my oily skin. It’s the ultimate struggle to find a product that will leave a slightly matte finish without looking too flat. I’ve tried almay’s CC cream and Revlon’s BB, but both were too orange-y for my liking, as well as one by Rimmel London that made me break out. And then there was one by L’Oreal, which was great at first and then after about a week, randomly turned orange in the tube…that one was probably just a fluke, but I don’t know. I was turned off. I feel like I’ve tried every drugstore brand BB cream out there (an exaggeration, I know :P). I’ve also tried a whole host of primers, from almay to e.l.f to revlon and no luck. But I think I may have found some winners!!

A few weeks ago I purchased the NYX BB cream and the Neutrogena Shine Control Primer. I LOVE THEM!! I wear the two of them together and they stay shine-free throughout the day with a touch-up maybe once if it’s been a really humid day.

The primer is made with a rice protein complex which is supposed to reduce shine and I have to say it works wonderfully. Sometimes I’ll even wear the primer without makeup so that my skin stays nice and soft and non-greasy. I have super oily skin and use every possible shine-free product I can find (including my favorite skin care line ever Botanics Organic), so finding this primer was a huge win for me.


The BB cream works perfectly with the Neutrogena primer. I had never tried anything by NYX Cosmetics before, but in the ipsy bag I received there was an eye shadow trio that I loved so I decided to try some of their other products. After reading many reviews about their BB cream, I was sold. I made a quick trip to target to pick it up and immediately loved the way it felt on my skin. It has a nice coverage, not too sheer or too much and it feels like you’re wearing nothing! I have even worn it under my foundation for days where I feel like I need a little bit more and it works flawlessly. It’s the first BB cream I’ve tried that doesn’t feel like just a tinted moisturizer or too much like foundation. The only downside is that there is no SPF, but my lotion has some in it.

BB Cream

So far, I’m thrilled with my purchases and can see myself using them for a long time 🙂


Do you have any go to BB Creams or other beauty products?


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